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Be A NuParent
Not the Usual Parent, a New Kind of Parent!

NuParent is a unique parenting education program created by Children’s Bureau. It is more than just a parent education program that focuses on issues of child development, nutrition, health and safety, etc. It is based on the understanding that theoretical information, while important, is not enough to provide the skills needed by parents today to effectively change how they look at parenting. Rather than being just theoretical, the program is developed with three important components:
  • A didactic or knowledge-enrichment section: Provides opportunities to improve and enhance their child-rearing knowledge and skills

  • A joint parent-child activity section: Enjoy fun activities that strengthen the parent/child bonding process with their child

  • A social support section: Have an opportunity to share and compare ideas, experiences, information, frustrations and successes
Jennifer Serrano with Dr. Nereido Rodriguez, NuParent Director.
Having a child brings plenty of excitement and joy into a family but also feelings of uncertainty and concern for how to care for the child. To help these parents with child-rearing knowledge and support, Children’s Bureau offers a program called, NuParent. This admired parent education course is offered at Children’s Bureau and other organizations trained to implement the program. Parents from the last trimester of pregnancy and those with newborns, infants, toddlers and preschoolers learn the developmental milestones and specific needs of their children in a unique forum that also encourages discussion and sharing of experiences. Parents are so supportive of each other that oftentimes they form NuParent Clubs so they can continue to meet after they graduate from the program. Parents are also known to return to the program upon learning that they are expecting another child!

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Mailing address: 1910 Magnolia Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone:(213) 342-0100
Fax: (213) 342-0200

Special thanks to these foundations for funding NuParent: Tikun Olam Foundation, Harry Bronson & Edith R. Knapp Foundation, Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles and Hedge Funds Care/Help For Children.

NuParent is offered by Children’s Bureau, a non-profit leader in parent education, as part of the Birth to Five Family Support and Development.